Ashford: History in 100 buildings

Some very quick thoughts about the forthcoming #ashford100buildings project… the idea is to:

  • initiate a discussion in the community about our favourite buildings in the Ashford area
  • make a timeline featuring the 100 ‘best/most significant’ buildings, making sure that every time period is represented (we don’t just want 100 14th century buildings)
  • think about our own present-day or recent experiences of these buildings. For this part of the project we will be making special efforts to engage with residents in care homes.
  • Funder Films CIC will use participatory video techniques to make a film (or possibly a number of short films) about buildings in the area and how we interact with them.

The project will be launched on Thursday July 23rd and I expect it to take a couple of months.

Mayday in Lockdown: Filming Day May 1st 2020

Would you like to take part in an exciting participatory filming project? On Friday May 1st Funder Films CIC  (based in Wye) is coordinating a filming day throughout the borough of Ashford. The idea is for us all to work together to document ‘life under lockdown’. We’ll take a look at all the submissions and then edit them together to make a film (Working title: Mayday Mayday: Life in Lockdown and Beyond) to be shown when we all escape our confinement.



We’re looking for 3-4 minutes from each submission. You might choose to film just one long sequence or you could edit clips together. Please introduce your clip by saying what you’re filming and why you think it’s significant.

In addition we’d like you to answer three questions while you’re on camera:  ‘Has there been anything good about lockdown? What have you found most difficult? When we re-emerge, would you like the world to change in any particular way?’

Here’s a video to explain how I might go about it:

I’m hoping for participation not just from people like me who are stuck at home (old and young…) but also from people who are in the front line – working in hospitals, schools, council workers, supermarket workers. If you want to film anonymously, then that’s fine. Just let the camera do the talking. I’m aware that the crisis and the response hasn’t exactly been easy – so I see this as an opportunity for all of us to say what we think.

Plenty of other things to say.. this is not funded.. Funder Films is in furlough.. that’s probably enough for here. I wonder what will result?