Platinum Jubilee Filming

We’ve now recruited 8 young people to make films about the #PlatinumJubilee celebrations in the borough of Ashford. Many congratulations to Asa, Brooke, Ellie, George, Kaden, Megan, Nathan and Sam – and many thanks to @sk8side for helping with the recruitment.

We have also matched each young person with a project to follow: the Ashford Tree Trail (Kaden), the Big Lunch in Ashford (Nathan and Sam), Kent and East Sussex Railway and rocking horse exhibition in Tenterden (Brooke and Ellie), various events in Appledore and Hamstreet (George), and the Woodchurch Carnival (Asa and Megan). Many thanks to all the organisers who have agreed to be interviewed about their preparations. #letscreate @Arts Council England @Kent Community Foundation

Funder Films visited a planning meeting for the Woodchurch Carnival to make a training video for the project. Many thanks to Pat Byrne for your help with this.

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