Funder Films CIC is pleased to announce the start of an exciting new Heritage Lottery project entitled Wye Chilham Chartham: Scene from the Train 1914-1918.

The aim of the project is to look at various buildings (both public buildings like schools and colleges, and also private houses) in the villages along the railway line between Ashford and Canterbury in East Kent – to find out what was happening in those buildings during the Great War. Who lived and worked in them? And what happened to these people?

Funder Films will be commissioning a project manager for this project which will take place between June and November 2018. The work would suit someone with a passion for history, experience of researching from online and library sources, and a good knowledge of the local area. In addition, the company will be commissioning two female actors (or aspiring actors) to launch the project in costume on board trains for two days in mid-June. The ideal candidates for all roles will be self-employed or aspire to self-employment. Closing date for interest: May 24.

For more details please contact Jasper Bouverie ( Thanks!


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